Meeting the challenge of high productivity

To meet the challenge of productivity, KEM gives you high performance drill rods. Our modern plant, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, assures consistent quality product, meeting strigent specifications of customers.

Uncompromising quality control, involvinf constant testing and validation right from raw material check to finish inspection, make our drill rods the right choice for Mining, Quarrying, Construction and Drilling activities. Our drill rods are manufactured from high quality imported alloy steel therby ensuring longest possible drilling life nder most arduous conditions.

Our carbide inserts are endowed with three distinctive properties viz; Hardness, Toughness, Wear resistance. In addition, our inserts are meticulously brazed for strong joints. To ensure effective rust protection on the outside surface and the inside surface hole, our rods are given a special chemical treatment.

Our well synchronised customer service cell helps solve customer specific problems.

KEM Drill Rods
• Excellence through economy.
• Shot peened for countering fatigue stresses
• Induction brazed for controlled, consistent strong joints.
• Chemically treated for anti-corrosion